Happy new year everyone! Did you have a good Christmas?

It’s a new year, a fresh start and another 365…or is it 366 days? Anyway have you made any new year resolutions and more importantly have you stuck to them?

The beginning of the year for me has been interesting. I’ve slaved away to prepare for prelims (which thank goodness) are finished. I have good new my friend Laura gave me the ticket for Mumford & Sons! In return I got us tickets for Laura Marling in April AND my friends and I are going to see Florence & The Machine in May. So that is something to look forward to. Spring is just about here, which makes me extremely happy as typically Summer follows Spring! I’ve discovered some great music/comedy/cult programs, that’s enough about my year (so far) what about you?Do you have any plans for holidays, weddings, exams, jobs any type of celebrations?


Heartbroken :’(

mumford & sons

I’ am sad folks, very sad.

My favourite band of the moment is going to be touring and they are coming to Glasgow  and I can’t go!!

I gave my friend money to get us both tickets. It turned out there was only 1  ticket left and guess who got it…not me anyway. They are going to Edinburgh but I’m also not allowed to go there >:| . They are a wonderful folk, bluegrass band and every time I hear another one of their songs I say it’s my favourite…so far I have 12 favourite songs. AHH I love them so much and I can’t even go to see them! So if you are in Glasgow and you cant see them I’m here so leave a comment on my blog. I realise my chances are slim but I’m desperate!


What would you do?



I’ve recently turned 16…and there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference and there is not much I can do. Many say think that 16 is a landmark age. So what I want to know is when you were 16 or if your 16 what did/do you do? Also if you could be 16 again is there anything you would do or change?

Twice Shy (December Poem)

Her scarf a la Bardot,
In suede flats for the walk,
She came with me one evening
For air and friendly talk.
We crossed the quiet river,
Took the embankment walk.

Traffic holding its breath,
Sky a tense diaphragm:
Dusk hung like a backcloth
That shook where a swan swam,
Tremulous as a hawk

Hanging deadly, calm.
A vacuum of need
Collapsed each hunting heart
But tremulously we held
As hawk and prey apart,
Preserved classic decorum,
Deployed our talk with art.

Our Juvenilia
Had taught us both to wait,
Not to publish feeling
And regret it all too late –
Mushroom loves already
Had puffed and burst in hate.

So, chary and excited,
As a thrush linked on a hawk,
We thrilled to the March twilight
With nervous childish talk:
Still waters running deep
Along the embankment walk.

Seamus Heaney


Yesterday I went to go see Gary Numan and what an experience !

My friends and I were probably the youngest folks their but everyone in the crowd were really great people and clearly devoted fans, so if you Gary Numan followers see this blog entry it’s for you!

The support band Dirty Harry were very good and you can see them in my photo album below. I’m happy to tell everyone that my luck has continued and I was at the very front and close to Gary Numan himself. He puts on such a good show and the lighting was spectacular! He is up there in my top 3 for best performers and everyone there enjoyed the night. I’m not one for gloating…well I think this deserves it but that picture ^ is mine and I took it myself (just with a phone) along with all the others and I’m very proud of them. So I’d like you to enjoy them also. I do have videos but I don’t have a youtube account and don’t know any other  way never the less enjoy and if you ever have the opportunity to see Gary Numan do so!

The Pleasure Principle Tour

Some friends and I are going to see Gary Numan on the 27th of this month at the ABC.

I’m really looking forward to it and I’m hoping I get the same luck I’ve been getting at my previous gigs and getting to the front so I get great pictures and maybe some object! You might not (or think you don’t know) who Gary Numan is but I will sing this little bit to you and then it will all coming rushing back to you! Ready? *clears Throat*

Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors.”

There did you like that? yes you remember it all now don’t you! Anyway there are other really good songs other than Cars. I will update soon and hopefully give you lovely people some pleasure principle picatures!

The Enemy In Glasgow

the enemy  I went to go see The Enemy at carling academy on Wednesday and I have to admit it was the best gig I have ever been to, it was a 5* performance.

My sister had asked me to go with her because her friend wasn’t available and I was a bit unsure at first, I knew some of their songs but I was worried I might not enjoy it, man  I was utterly and completely wrong about that.

Both support bands Akeal and General Fiasco were also good, but The Enemy were amazing they really know how to  get the crowd roaring, (and if you have ever been to a gig in Glasgow you’ll know we are one of the best, and craziest audiences you will ever see) the light effects were outstanding as well as the quality of music and singing and what better way to win the audience over than to get some guy out and play the bagpipes.

I was at the very front (extremely lucky me) and got the best view of Tom as he was literally standing in front of me and I got some great pictures and videos, also Bassist Andrew decided to crowd surf so I dragged myself though the throng of people and managed to stroke his lovely sweaty back! 🙂 and what was the topping on that wonderful Enemy cake you ask? “well getting Tom’s guitar pick would be good?” and that ladies and gentlemen I did achieve! It was one of the best nights of my music life.

But there is one problem, others in the audience are very desperate to get to the front and can sometimes forget about personal space and that’s all I’m saying about that. So, to conclude well done The Enemy and I can’t wait till you come to Glasgow again…soon hopefully because I’m now addicted to your music!